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Thank you for your interest in our Gold’C’ker Perm. Reg’d Golden Retrievers.

We are proud to be CKC Master Breeders and have been involved in Golden Retrievers for over 40 years. We are active members in good standing of the Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA), the Golden Retriever Club of Canada (GRCC), and additional many local breed and training clubs.  We only breed healthy dogs which have been properly screened and certified clear of genetic health problems.  We are also deeply concerned with Golden Retriever temperament and longevity, and we pride ourselves on matching families with the puppies that best suit their experience and lifestyle.

Our Goldens are very versatile and we and many of our puppy owners participate actively in Conformation, Obedience, Agility, Working and Hunt Tests, Tracking, Rally Obedience and Scent Hurdle.  Several past and present Gold’C’ker companions are also Certified Pet Therapy Dogs.  Despite very limited breeding, Gold’C’ker Golden Retrievers is proud to have many wonderful accomplishments.  They have achieved well over 500 Titles in Conformation and Performance and over 100 Awards to date including over 30 Hall of Fame Awards, plus numerous Triathlon and Hat Trick Awards, BIS, BISS, HIT and High Aggregate wins.  In addition we are involved in the film industry and some of our Goldens have been featured in several movies, commercials, various theatrical productions and television series, over the past few decades.  As we are actively showing and training in all areas, we are also proud to support, teach and mentor these fun sports with our owners.

In order to be considered for breeding, we ensure our dogs have clearances certified annually for eyes with the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals).  As well proper clearances are certified with the OFA for Hip Dysplasia and Elbow Dysplasia as well as Heart which we have cleared through Doppler Ultrasound.  We also perform DNA Testing for Ichthyosis, GR PRA 1 Test and PRCD Mutation Test for PRA and as further DNA tests are developed, we implement additional testing to more recent generations.

We are very concerned with preventative health, therefore we have holistic beliefs regarding vaccines on our puppies and dogs and feed them a natural raw diet and provide an abundance of education regarding these issues.

We post to www.k9data.com all of our dogs information and all puppies we produce of our breeding.  Their health clearance information is available and updated regularly on this database and/or on www.ofa.org and we keep track throughout life any health information whether certifiable or not and their date and cause of death.  We believe this information is important to help preserve the breed and is imperative when considering the potential problems and statistics with consideration of a puppy from any particular breeding.  All info that is posted to this website (which is one of the best resources for breeders and dog owners) is voluntarily entered and covers a huge expanse of information about thousands of dogs.  This information is invaluable because it shows the pedigrees, health information, titles earned, coi’s of relatives – all of which knowing the familial background in a pedigree contributes to an enormous knowledge base to help ethical breeders make choices for breeding a healthier and stronger breed.

All of our dogs are house pets, and our puppies are raised inside with us implementing the protocol formalized in the Avidog Transformational Puppy Rearing program www.Avidog.com  We breed on a limited basis to ensure that our puppies are correctly socialized and trained and so that we can dedicate maximum support time to each individual family.  Our current Goldens, with their bios and links to their pedigree and health information, as well as photos, can be viewed on our website under “Our Family” tab.

We always develop a good positive relationship/friendship with our puppy owners.  We pride ourselves in our exceptional breeder support for life.  We provide extensively detailed supportive puppy packages.  We also host a full day puppy seminar for each litter, which we require attendance of, to help acquire all preventative information to supportively guide each family through an abundance of information prior to adopting each puppy.  We do NOT ship puppies or place puppies without getting to know each owner in person. We require that all owners maintain contact with us throughout their puppy’s life.  Our puppies are expected to participate in obedience classes in order to continue developing into social, well-mannered members of their families.  We expect to be informed of all heath concerns so that we are always aware of full health disclosure of what we are producing throughout each dog’s entire life.  Our intention is to provide a complete educational experience to our owners to prevent problems and ensure a fully satisfying lifelong experience for each puppy and their families.  In addition, we are able to provide care for our puppy owner’s dogs at our Wet Noses Bed and Biscuit facility for future travel plans as well as offer grooming services at our Wet Noses Spaw.  All disciplines of training classes are also available exclusively in support of our puppy owners and we keep up to date with the best and latest methods of balanced positive motivational training. www.wetnoses.ca

If price, color or gender is your primary consideration, we are probably not the breeder for you.

If you are concerned about the detail in how your puppy is raised, breeder support with preventative education in mind, health clearances or pedigree history, then you may be the right type of family for one of our Gold’C’ker Puppy’s.

We always have a standing waiting list for our future puppies, so that we can continue to breed responsibly. Current litter postings are always spoken for in advance. Birth Announcement and pictures on the current litter tab of our website are for the enjoyment of the families already patiently waiting for their upcoming new addition.

We are concerned about ensuring our puppies are responsibly matched with each suitable family. After reading Golden Retriever Information and all of the above information on our breeding practices, you understand our uniqueness and are willing to wait specifically for a puppy from an upcoming litter from us, please proceed with submitting our Puppy Application  

If you would like a Golden Retriever sooner, you might wish to contact your local Golden Retriever Club or Rescue. Rescue listings can be found on the Golden Retriever Clubs websites.

Puppy Application

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