CH Goldcker's Don't Mind If I Q JH WC AGX AGXJ NP RE CGN

GRCC National Best Opposite Sex & Best Canadian Bred & BVOSS 2015
N.C. MacDonald Challenge Trophy & De Navilly Challenge Trophy 2015
Best of Opposite Veteran Memorial Trophy 2015
Best Opposite Sex Award GRCA 2015
Lifetime Versatility Award GRCA 2013

Versatility Certificate Excellenct GRCC
Outstanding Award GRCA 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013 & 2014

Versatility Award GRCA 2010
Multiple Rally Obedience High In Class Winner
Earned Conformation Championship with Multiple Best of Winners Wins
Multiple Best Puppy In Group Winner & BOS from Puppy Class

Q's Pedigree & Health Clearances

Q, born October 12, 2005, from our “Q” theme litter (Guess & Davey – a Dewmist import) is our proud family addition. She is an absolute sweetheart. Soft and gentle with lots of drive to work. Her favorite thing in life is anything that involves birds. She makes us laugh, most often seen laying flat out on her back, four in the air, on the bed, couch or just plain in the middle of the living room. She knows just how to really relax. Q is a unique and consummate Golden Retriever. She displays the most ideal temperament for the breed. She holds incredible communication skills with absolutely every other dog of all age, size and breed.  Easily she is an exemplary gentle temperament for a therapy dog and ideal family house pet through to an energetic working dog. A fitting on and off switch. She truly lives to do anything to please. 

Some of her memorable moments including winning Rally Novice A at the 2010 GRCA National. With agility being our favorite passion, she flew through weave poles like no dog we’ve ever had the pleasure of playing the sport with. Patience on the contact zones was a challenge as she has so much enthusiasm. She was always entertaining on her zoomies around the ring.

Q was retired in 2014 and living a spoiled upside down life only so we can focus on our younger dogs. She enjoys wrestling with the youngsters and chasing gophers in the field and most of all flipping upside down on the couch and bed for her belly rubs.