Welcome ImageWelcome to Gold’C’ker Golden Retrievers.

We have been dedicated to Goldens, with titles at both ends of their names, for more than 25 years.

Whether we are out with them swimming, running through the snow, showing, trialing or just hanging out on the couch, they enrich every aspect of our lives. Respectfully, our Goldens are very talented multi-taskers. They excel in everything from our favorite sport of agility to all other performance activities, while also being competitive in the conformation ring.

Our breeding is very selective and limited. We always honestly and carefully consider all aspects of health, temperament and structure and strive to improve and create the best Goldens possible. Further, we practice a holistic approach to raising our dogs, providing a natural raw diet and carefully limiting vaccines. We pride ourselves in providing exceptionally detailed up to date puppy packages, ongoing education and mentorship to support our puppy owners throughout all Gold’C’ker Goldens lifetimes and beyond.

Golden Retrievers in Alberta


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